Lawyer, Lawyer, Pants on Fire!!!

Tony Merchant


by Heather Martin

It appears that Tony Merchant, the Regina lawyer who represented Indian Residential School survivors to the tune of 100 million dollars has been channelling funds to an off-shore account in the Cayman Islands.¬† Despite assurances that Mr. Merchant has had nothing but the best interests of his ‘clients’ at heart, it appears from this latest revelation from CBC news that Tony Merchant may be in-fact, breaking the law.

According to CBC, Merchant (named in the original article as a ‘Senator’s Husband’), set up the off-shore¬† account into which he sent large sums of cash money apparently to avoid having to identify himself in connection with the account.

Merchant, has handled controversial cases including a 2.7 billion dollar class-action lawsuit over benefits denied to First Nations people.

While some have defended Merchant as a “hero” among lawyers for his ability to take on controversial cases and taking on the causes against corruption and fraud, it appears that Merchant has fallen into the same category as other Ponzi schemers and scammers brought from the shadows into the light.

To this writer, Merchant is no better than individuals such as Kevin Annett, who have taken advantage of First Nations people, taken their money, and avoided paying taxes.

Good on CBC for finally publishing something newsworthy and in the service of mankind.

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