The “For-9/11-Truth” Movement

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I have been a member of Pilots for 9-11 Truth, Scholars for 9-11 Truth and Veterans for 9-11 for Truth since near the inceptions of these separate but related organizations. I am not a member, but there is also 9-11 Scholars for Truth and Justice ; there is 9-11 and Military Officers for 9-11 Truth All those in these organizations, based on experience and expertise areas of the members mostly, risk a great deal even having their names associated with these organizations. Many of them, such as Pilots for 9-11 Truth advance no specific scenarios or theories of 9-11; they do not have or advance “Conspiracy Theories” other than there is an ongoing Conspiracy NOT to properly investigate 9-11.

They only KNOW, from experience, as pilots, veterans, scholars, architects and engineers, that acts of terrorism and disasters of such magnitude demand, what did NOT take place, and was…

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