Crisis Actors and Propaganda: Manipulation Tactics for the Masses



Heather Martin

Thanks to YouTube and conspiracy circles a new ‘theory’ has emerged regarding the truth about some of the most horrific events in US history that include the Boston Bombing, the Sandy Hook Shooting and even 9/11.

The claim by some people on the net is that these events are careful orchestrations by paid actors to manipulate public opinion leading to the ‘support of the masses’ needed to push through legislation that would be hard pressed to go through without the indignation of the fearful masses.

Consider this clip from an article featured at Fellowship Of The

crisisactors_headerAt issue is whether professional “crisis actors” are going beyond mere simulation of mass casualty events (what the Denver-based group VisionBox Crisis Actors say they do) to actually impersonate real-life people caught in the news of recent massacres, notably the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. ~ Related articles – Photos – Videos

While I feel that much of what is alleged on some of these sites are the products of an imagination that REALLY wants the imaginary to become real…. There have been some compelling co-incidences and video evidence that begs the question… “what human being behaves like that?”

Case in point is the father of Sandy Hook shooting victim; Emily Parker.

Cavalier and Jovial?
Cavalier and Jovial Actor or Grieving Father?

Watching the YouTube video’s on this subject will make your head spin and your blood boil….

Let’s assume, for a minute that the rumors are true… that Emily Parker is not dead… that the reason her ‘dad’ swaggered and smiled and joked with others at his ‘press conference’ and priming the tears and choked voice and pained expression was that it was his job to elicit the Nations Heart Felt Sorrow.   This should enrage you… but more importantly it should make you ask, WHY.

I submit that there is increasing evidence that what we believe to be true about events around the world has suddenly come under greater scrutiny.  Ask yourself this, how much of what you see on the news is FAKED?

The historical knowledge of how war planners have tricked people into supporting past wars, is like a vaccine. We can use this understanding of history to inoculate the public with healthy doses of distrust for official war pretext narratives and other deceptive stratagems. Through such immunization programs we may help to counter our society’s susceptibility to “war fever.”  (Richard Sanders 2002)

PRETEXT FOR WAR:   Consider this recently released video after news releases about police opening fire on peaceful protesters in Syria and Egypt:

Many people have worked hard to expose these kinds of social manipulations… Greg Renouf, Eye on a Crazy Planet,, Canadian Awareness, Blazing Cat Fur,  and now Main Stream Media outlets like Sun News Network are showing you how your opinions are being swayed under false pretences.  Greg Renouf, who puts out nearly daily articles on this kind of subject is not a popular man in TO, neither is Ezra Levant.  Ezra’s latest monologue was so detailed and revealing that he ran over-time and had to bump his guest to a later time slot.  The subject fueling the barrage of articles and Ezra-logues is the Environmental Movement (and to a lesser degree, Idle No More).  But it really could be any kind of Movement…. As I heard it said:

“The Issue isn’t the issue… the issue is Revolution.

And as the Alternative Media is fervently exposing,  Canada’s slow march to Revolution and a Communist Fascist state is by design, paid for by special interest groups (NGO’s) and carefully propagandized.  It means that Paid Anarchists, Crisis Actors and Youth Activist Training Camps  are not only useful, they are ESSENTIAL in steering us over the cliff.

To understand this in modern terms you need to watch this documentary on the side of Occupy you perhaps never saw or heard about thanks to the MSM.  There is no doubt you will recognize the threat of ‘structured chaos’.  But recognition is not enough…. we need to start talking about it.

The end result is unspoken… it involves the potential for violence.  Greg Renouf has released an article today on the reality of alleged Green Party involvement in the sabotage of Canada’s Rail Lines.  There was even some evidence as presented by fellow blogger Lawrence McCurry (Canada The Alarm Clock Is Going Off!) that in the midst of heated Pipeline negotiations between Canada and the US that the horrific explosion at Lac Megantic might be the work of purposeful and not accidental human involvement.  What’s worse is that Communist/Socialist’s are using the tragedy as an example of how austerity measures cost lives.  In conspiracy circles this would constitute the perfect non-militarized ‘false flag‘ operation designed to generate popular support for an idea.

Remember the Toronto G20 and the ease with which Black Block rioters were able to smash and run amok?  Could police provocateurs have been used at this summit to polarize public opinion about the oppressive nature of the police?  What about the idea that this was a training exercise for martial law, if and when it is declared in this country?  All good questions….

Black Block Tactics were used to sensationalize, radicalize and militarize the normally peaceful demonstrations against G8/G20 and WTO meetings annually.  The presence of this ideology as a means of blurring the edges between demonstration and violent destruction of property which is a wonderful thing as the Black Block apologist (Sarah Leonard) points out at the beginning of this panel on the Occupy Movement.

(Warning!: This video is a long one folks but it gives a good insight into how this group of people think)

You can read more of Chris Hedges article ‘The Cancer in Occupy’ here.  It is clear that Chris sympathizes with Leftist movements and also advocates the use of violence when necessary.  This is the slippery slope, however, because there is no rule book when it comes to Leftist movements so as Harsha Wallia (a self-identified Anarchist) likes to say… violence is a matter of perspective.

For myself, while I am happy to see that there are discussions and debates on how Occupy should operate, I can’t help but wonder why we are unable to have discussions about how we can avoid needing Occupy altogether and yet still enable positive change.  It seems we are on a steep hill with no other choice but to roll downwards.  We’ve gotten so caught up in blaming others, we’ve failed to take personal responsibility for the way things are.

I believe that Andrew Breitbart had it right when he said that we’ve created our own problems because we’ve failed to take care of one another… to look after our neighbors.   In essence we’ve forgotten the Golden Rule.   It is sad that the counter-argument to the Occupy and like-minded movements is no longer there to be a watcher on the wall because dissenters of the collective have to be silenced.  I have to wonder if the sudden end to Breitbart’s life was also part of that concerted effort to bring forth the Communist Socialist (Fascist) agenda.

Evolution of Man?
Evolution of Man?

In closing, I apologise for the length of these posts as of late, but the importance of being thorough and providing links and references as much as possible means that you too can gain a full perspective of what’s happening.

We have yet to see the full force of Revolution in this country, but it is a guarantee that the preparations are being laid…. and that the initial stages of this preparation involve further indoctrination through training of our youth (ie. the creation of a revolutionary fighting force) and the refinement of the tactics practiced at events like the Toronto G20 and Occupy Toronto/Vancouver.  It will not be a stretch to see paid activists fill the gaps where indoctrination and training fail to meet numbers… and that orchestration of events by using ‘crisis actors’ and police provocateurs to heighten tensions is NOT without the realm of possibility.

(Remember…. that after the Sandy Hook shooting… renewed calls for gun control legislation came to the fore where people were much more willing to relinquish, as Goebbels said, their constitutional rights (the Second Amendment) than without such a tragedy involving the murder of children.  See Obama’s Real Reason He Want’s Your Guns).  It’s time that people plug-in and get engaged with what’s going on and time to realize where the endpoint of all this madness might lead….)

Conspiracy to Control the World Infographic from
Conspiracy to Control the World Infographic from

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